Why Yoga?

Benefit of Yoga

Benefit of Yoga

Why is yoga a great activity? Would the answer be the same now as it was 1500 years ago? We are changing; and the world we live in is changing. Many years ago yoga would have been a great path to understanding self and connecting with the larger self. Today many find yoga a great activity and this is probably why.

Fast Pace of Life

Lights! Camera! Action! This calls for a lot of energy. Energy increases with movement. Are we hurrying to get bigger, better, and more? Yoga can keep up with the faster times. Yoga can serve us well. We can emphasize the physical aspect and keep moving. Increase our muscle tone, strengthen our bones, get more stamina to keep up. Yoga challenges us to keep up with demanding postures.


In Kundalini Yoga, for example, you learn to: (1) move with powerful breathing (2) have an eye focus (3) have a mental focus and (4) mentally repeat a mantra. All at the same time. Far from becoming scattered, the mind becomes focused. Yoga beginners find this quite a task.

Nervous System Balance

Great activity remains great when balanced with rest. Yoga’s darling of a pose is Shavasana. Yes, during a yoga session there are small resting periods in poses like Downward Facing Dog, or a welcoming pose for Yoga beginners, the Child’s Pose. The parasympathetic nervous system, the resting system, gets a chance to become active in yoga. With the fast pace our sympathetic nervous system is out front making the charge, causing things to happen. When this system is kept in high drive it creates havoc in our body and mind. It becomes essential for our physical and mental health to learn to relax. Yoga teaches us how to relax.

Reduction of Drug Use

Along with this fast pace life came lots of prescription and non-prescription drugs. More and more people want to avoid taking drugs as a cure. They are concerned about the side effects caused by taking drugs. Yoga can reduce drug use. It is a great activity that improves our breathing. Helps us sleep better. Improves the functioning of the systems of the body, including the immune system. Improves circulation. It also reduces anxiety and increases self esteem.


Yoga’s philosophy includes five suggestions for improving our relationships with others. These five qualities include non-violence and truth.

Yoga is an awesome activity that’s why yoga beginners quickly become yoga enthusiasts.

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